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Epson Artisan 700 Setup,Install & Troubleshooting

Epson Artisan 700 SETUP

  • Open the box that contains new huge epson artisan 700 printer.
  • Remove all the covers and tapes from the printer.
  • Make sure that you remove all the tapes from the scanner glass, input tray and the ink cartridge holders. If any packing materials is left in the printer, it may damage your print
  • You will find your epson artisan 700 printer, photo paper to use, CD printing tray with which you will be able to print directly onto a CD, power cord, software installation CD, free Adobe Photoshop elements and six Claria Hi-Definition high capacity ink cartridges inside the package.
  • Connect the power cord to your new epson 700 printer and to an electrical outlet.
  • Power on your epson artisan 700 printer using the power button in front of your printer.
  • Wait for sometime until the printer gets started.
  • Take away the ink cartridges from its packing.

Epson Artisan 710

Epson Artisan 700 Driver Installation

  • Unbox your Epson Artisan 700 printer.
  • Remove the packing materials from the printer and power on your printer.
  • Install the ink cartridges in your printer.
  • Load enough number of plain sheets in the paper tray.
  • Connect your printer to the same wireless network as your computer in which you are going to download your printer drivers.
  • In your web browser, search for epson printer drivers.
  • Click on epson products and drivers.
  • Select your country/ region and your product type and name correctly.
  • Select your operating system and the version properly.
  • Click on Drivers and utilities combo package install.
  • Click on download and then click save to save the information.
  • Then, click run to run the installation.
  • It will take sometime to complete installation and then click yes.
  • And then click ok to continue installation.
  • Your drivers will get downloaded.
  • Agree to the terms and policies of the printer and click next.

Epson Artisan 700 Ink Cartridges Install

Epson provides Claria Hi- definition ink for your Epson artisan 700 printer. This super quality instant dry inks provide better quality prints than others. This ink is smudge- free, fade- free, scratch and water resistant too. While other printers have little number of ink colours, your Epson 700 printer is given with the six coloured ink cartridges. It includes light cyan and light magenta coloured ink cartridges along with the black, yellow, cyan and magenta coloured ink cartridges to show differences in printing colours. To install ink cartridges in your epson 700 printer, follow the steps below:

  • Open and remove the packing materials from your new epson artisan 700 printer.
  • Connect the power cord and power on your epson artisan 700 printer using the power button in front of your printer.
  • Wait for sometime until the printer gets started.
  • Take away the ink cartridges from its packing.
  • Remove the yellow coloured tape from the ink cartridge.
  • Place the ink cartridge in the holder facing the coloured tape side up.
  • Install all the six coloured ink cartridges in the specified cartridge holder in the printer.

Epson Artisan 700 Troubleshooting

Whatever problem occurs in your Epson artisan 700 printer, first unplug your printer. While you unplug your printer, your printer must be turned on. Then, remove the power cord from the electrical outlet. Leave your printer for sometime and then power on your Epson 700 printer.

Power on your epson 700 printer. Just press the ink cartridges and remove it from the holder. Reinstall them properly in the holders again. Repeat it for several times. If you are using the refilled ink cartridges, then make sure that the ink cartridges are cleaned nicely. Clean the electrical contacts in the ink cartridges. And reinstall them after some time.

If the edge guides are tightened too much, it may be one of the reasons for the paper stuck issues. If the papers are stuck, then remove the ink cartridges from the holders and check whether any paper is stuck inside the holders. Remove them and reinstall the cartridges again. Also, check whether any paper is stuck in the rollers. And remove them. Remove the papers in the input tray and place them properly in the tray and adjust the edge guides to the correct size.

Turn on your printer. Clean the printer rollers with the distilled water and wet pads. Rinse the pad in the distilled water and remove excess water by using a clean cotton. Then, use it to clean the print head nozzles and rollers. If it does not clear your problem, then go for servicing.

Epson Artisan 700 Mobile & Wi-Fi Connectivity

To print directly from your mobile device or android device to your new Epson artisan 700 printer, follow the steps below.

  • Unbox and physically setup your new epson artisan 700 printer.
  • Power on your printer.
  • And, connect your mobile or android device to the wireless network connection.
  • Connect your epson artisan 700 printer to the same wireless network connection as your mobile or android device.
  • Download epson iprint or epson email print or epson remote print app in your android device.
  • Now, install the application and open the application.
  • Connect your android device to the same wireless network as your printer.
  • Then, select your epson 700 printer from your epson mobile app and get connected. You can print from your android device or tablet with these applications now.

To connect your Epson artisan 700 printer to the wireless network, follow the steps below.

  • Unbox the new epson 700 printer.
  • Install ink and load enough number of plain white sheets.
  • Then, power on your epson artisan 700 printer.
  • Make sure that your router is connected with the wireless network.
  • Connect your epson 700 printer to the same wireless router as your computer.
  • Install the printer software in your PC by inserting the CD given with the epson artisan 700 printer in the Computer.
  • And follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation.
  • Otherwise, use the epson 700 setup to install the printer software in your computer.
  • In the select your connection window, select wireless connection.
  • Click on the setup printer for the first time and give next.
  • The Wi-Fi auto connect window opens, click onyes and give next.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Your system will automatically detect your printerand wirelessly connect with it.
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